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Helping bring Te Puihi to you

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Te puihi is the wilderness that  covered all of New Zealand before people modified the land

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Adopt a Plant

head over to our Patreon to "adopt" your own personal native plant. l'll send you a hand made botanical plant press of your plant and some cool information about its species. Ill also send photos when your plant starts to flower

Clematis paniculata


Having  previously worked with local Iwi and land owners though out the Auckland region, on properties ranging in size from apartments to farming blocks.

We use a combination of formal education, prior experience and Te Ao Māori to help enhance the productivity, Matomato, or natural beauty of any space.

Tai Native Plants is  an Amotai registered plant nursery and eco consulting firm,  specialize  in the restoration or enhancement of Hāwera (land that has been cleared) with plants from Te Urutapu o Tāmaki Makau Rau (untouched native plants from the Auckland region).


We offer,


 Custom Native plant terrariums, to buy and look after your self or rent with regular maintenance checks to make sure the set up is thriving.

3 month 'renativeify' service, if you would like to  enhance your space with Eco sourced native plants personally tailored to the specific parameters of your space.

Native seed propagation, grown in enclosed highly monitored conditions I have a high germination with a range of native seeds and spores. 

Free Land consultations, If you would just like to know a bit more about the plants growing on your land, what's native, what plants are or aren't thriving and how you can help them, or even just what the land may have looked like before being cleared

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Kia ora,

Ko Tai tōku ingoa

Ko Howe Te Hapu

Ko ngāpuhi me Nagti pāoa mā ngā iwi,

nō tūāraki o te Hukapapanga ōku Tūpuna

Ko Tāmakimakaurau te Pā 

He Tangata whenua o West Auckland

Ko Hakituri o Tai Native plants ahau.

I graduated from The University of Auckland

with a double major in plant biology and applied statistics,

and also have worked the pasted 4 years in native forest restoration in the Auckland region.

Ive also been gardening since I was old enough to pick up cabbage tree leaves though.

Whatever Time frame or budget you have I would love to help you make the most with your space.

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